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Frequently asked questions about the Canadian Athletes Now Fund:

What is the Canadian Athletes Now Fund?
Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CAN Fund) is a not for profit organization devoted solely to raising funds and awareness for Canadian athletes. We have created a vehicle that connects Canadians to our athlete's journey and their success. CAN Fund is the only organization in Canada that with each donation, you find out the name of the athlete you have directly supported and receive a tax receipt. We provide our athletes with the opportunity to focus on success instead of focusing on unnecessary financial hurdles. Donations go directly to Canadian athletes to support their training, coaching, nutrition, team fees, travel and basic living expenses.

How many athletes has this fund supported in the past?
Canadian athletes face a funding shortfall and rely on the CAN Fund to help close the funding gap so they can compete on a level playing field on the world stage. The CAN Fund has raised over $11 million and supported hundreds of athletes from coast to coast.

How do athletes apply to this Fund?
Athletes from across Canada apply to the Fund through an application process. Application deadlines and forms are available on our website at and through National Sports Centers and selected sports organizations.

Does every athlete who applies to the Fund get money? How much?
Each application is reviewed by the Canadian Athletes Now Fund Board of Directors and is considered based on the monies available from our fundraising efforts. We disperse the funds directly to as many athletes as possible. Able-bodied and Paralympic applicants can receive up to $12,000 a year.

Are you a registered charity?
Yes, the Canadian Athletes Now Fund is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association, recognized by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Will I get a tax receipt if I donate to this fund?
Yes, we are pleased to issue a receipt for all monetary donations over $25.

What exactly will my donation be used for?
Your donation will support Canadian amateur athletes as they prepare to represent Canada in international competition. Our mission is to underwrite the expenses of as many Canadian amateur athletes as possible. This ongoing support is crucial to sustain athletes on the long path to winning a medal. The money is currently used for coaching, nutrition, training and living expenses.

If I donate money, will I know the name of the athlete who receives it?
A list of recipients is listed on our website at

Why should Canadians support this fund?
Canada as a country benefits from this fund in several ways. Our athletes are incredible role models — especially for our youth — they act as ambassadors to our country, and with consistent financial support, these athletes can continue inspiring future generations of proud Canadians. Perhaps Scott Russell, CBC Sports Commentator/Hockey Night In Canada puts it best: "The Canadian Athletes Now Fund is making a difference. It's the unseen hand in the grandstand which will help Canadian athletes live their dreams at the Olympics in 2004. The contribution we make to the efforts of those who will wear the maple leaf, is an investment in the national pride we so often take for granted. These athletes deserve our support, our good wishes and our financial backing. When they compete they make us all proud, and as a passionate fan of sport in this country, I'm delighted to endorse the Canadian Athletes Now Fund.”

Why does this fund exist?
The Fund fills a need. Our athletes need our support and Canadians enjoy the opportunity to find out who they have directly supported. Therefore the Fund links our athletes with Canadians across this wonderful country. The Canadian Athletes Now Fund uses creative fundraising campaigns in an attempt to level out the playing field for our Canadian athletes as they compete against many other well-financed athletes in international competition

How long has this Fund been around?
The Canadian Athletes Now Fund was established in 1997 to help send athletes to Sydney in 2000. The Fund has impacted the lives of many Canadian athletes and has also allowed Canadians from coast to coast to invest in human potential.

The Fund has many milestones to celebrate:

  • 1997- Fund Established, 1997 Inaugural Gala MFN (Currently Devils Martini)
  • 2000- Daniel Igali winning gold in Sydney and thanks the See You In Sydney Fund
  • 2003- Taxi Creates Pro Bono National Awareness Campaign- The See You In Athens Fund was recognized as one of the most successful athletic fund-raising efforts in Canadian history in Marketing Management Canadian 12th Edition
  • MasterCard's $500,000 donation becomes the first major corporate donation
  • Fall 2003 See You In Canadian Athletes Fund gains charitable status
  • 244 of the 266 Athletes in Athens are recipients of the Fund -  11 of the 12 Medalists are recipients
  • December 2003- Toronto Star: Laurel: Jane Roos : For making Olympic Dreams Come True. She Runs the See You in Athens Fund, and raised millions to support our Athletes
  • Recipients of the FUND pay it forward including: Perdita Felician, Lori Ann Muenzer, Clara Hughes, Tracy Cameron and Malcolm Howard
  • See You In Torino Fund wins Live Olympic Award in Torino
  • The Canadian Athletes Now Fund becomes National Charity of Ottawa Race Weekend
  • Canadian Athletes Now Fund wins National Federal Court Case vs. COC 
  • 10th Anniversary: Patrons of Sport Campaign was created. The founding donor was Eugene Melnyk with a donation of $1 million.
  • Talent Supporting Talent: Our Talent Supporting Talent initiative was launched October 2009 with the “Celebrating Canadian Talent Art Exhibit” which involved a number of Famous Canadians creating artwork in support of Canadian athletes. Future Talent Supporting Talent initiatives to come.
  • Shaw “Making it Happen” Telethons: Over 1.2 million was raised in support of Canadian athletes through 2 live telethon events held in Calgary in 2008 and Vancouver in 2009. Over 120 Canadian athletes were involved in the telethons, answering phones, sharing their stories and working together to raise awareness for athletes.
  • Sprott Gold Metal Celebration: Sprott Asset Management LP and the Sprott Foundation pledged $100,000 for every gold medal won by a Canadian athlete at the Vancouver Games. This investment of $1.4 million will help fund future athletes.




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